Learning Through Sport

There is so much to learn through sport participation besides the skills required for each particular sport discipline. We focus on things like manners, sportsmanship, how to win (or lose) graciously, team work, tolerance and so much more.

We participate in the following core sports:

Term 1:                 Athletics for boys and girls

Term 2:                 Soccer for boys and Netball for girls

Term 3:                 Cricket for boys and Hockey for girls

Term 4:                 Cross Country for boys and girls

Being a smaller school we are able to ensure that every child’s skills are focussed on and improved, and each child gets a turn to play in at least one competitive match each season.

Cycling is an optional extra offered by the school and our campus and surrounds lend itself to some wonderful trails.  We participate in the Spur MTB Cycle Series and do very well in the rankings.  We also attend the Hippo Hollow MTB Race which is a local event.  We won the schools’ trophy for that event in 2018 and 2019 and are hoping to do it again in 2020.