Celebrating our Unique Relevance

What do we do that is different from most schools?

We follow the Singapore Maths and Science Curriculum. As Singapore is one of the top performing countries as far as Maths goes, our children are well equipped to cope with Maths in high school and beyond. The curriculum is carefully scaffolded to ensure that concrete learning is enforced and the children are ready to move onto abstract thinking.  The Singapore Maths Curriculum starts in Grade 00 at Summerhill.

As part of our Grade 6 and 7 Geography curriculum, we incorporate the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) training. At the end of Grade 7 our children write an external exam and, if they pass, receive their FGASA Level 1 Junior Qualification.​

In Economic and Management Sciences, the Grade 7s run the Friday school tuckshop themselves. They have an email address, place orders, count stock, calculate prices and keep an electronic set of accounts as well as a manual cash book. The profit (which they read on their income statement) is used to host a tea for Senior Citizens and to buy a farewll gift for the school.

Grade R to 7 visit the IT Centre once a week and follow the Knowledge Network curriculum which is an internationally recognised system and external exams are written. Time is allocated every morning for our HEART Period. Here the children and their teacher focus on building relationships, improving their General Knowledge, Reading and so much more.

Providing a Relevant Education in a Changing World

Guided by the CAPS Curriculum, we enhance the learning of the children by incorporating relevant exposure to the children to ensure that lessons learnt make sense to the children and enables them to apply this learning to their future. Being an independent school means that we have the freedom to add on to the prescribed curriculum and also to adapt to the pace which better suits our children and our small classes.