With our beautiful open air amphitheatre, we delight in the chance to allow the children to perform.  We present two different performances every year (one by the preschool and the other by the Grade 1 to 7 children).  Every child participates in their phase’s performance.

Every couple of years we present a ‘Summerhill’s Got Talent’ Event which encompasses a large variety of sections e.g. drama, art, singing, dancing, cooking, technology, poetry writing, photography etc.

Built into the Grade 1 to 7 academic timetable is an hour for Culture Clubs.  Here the children select an activity from a list and attend that club for a term.  We have a variety of Culture Clubs on offer e.g. Chess, Scrapbooking, Lego, Batik, Knitting, Board Games, Découpage, Cross Stitch etc.