Welcome to Summerhill

Summerhill Preparatory School is situated amongst spectacular pristine riverine forest in the Hazyview area of South Africa. It is an independent English-medium pre and prep school, catering for children from Grade 000 to Grade 7. Its unique situation along the banks of a perennial stream makes it one of the most beautiful schools in the area, lending itself to much outdoor education.


To strive for education excellence, guided by Christian principles, in order to produce confident individuals who are equipped with the values, knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the future.

In a random survey, Summerhill children tell us what they think of their school.

We kids have a lot of fun at Summerhill. I think Summerhill ROCKS!

Itu - 6

I like the wild life down at the river and my friends are funly.

Louis – 2

I like the library because books are awesome and I like reading. I like hockey because I like shooting goals. Our teacher is cool and the see-saw is great because it goes up and down.

Kyra – 2

SPS is a very small school so everyone knows each other’s names.  It is environmentally kind. It is easy to make friends as people are kind and positive about school work. We have sport to make us fit. Most teachers understand what you are going through and everyone greets each other in the mornings.

Patricia - 6

I like that the school is supportive and we are treated like family. No-one hates anyone.  Everyone is a friend of……well – everyone! When you walk into the class, you are treated like a brother or sister. I like that this school allows us to share our feelings or what’s happening with our teachers. Our academics are of an astonishingly high standard and it is a privilege to be here.

Bernard – 7

The 3 stages of matter for water are Natural, Sparkling and Mineral.

Taeghan - 3

The school is an astonishing place with fantastic teachers – we are a brilliant family full of kindness, care and respect.  (In fact we “Kill with Kindness!). Our teachers teach and lead us to who we should be.  Our values lead and guide us to who we ARE and not what we WERE. I am blessed to be in such an amazing school. I feel as though I have a second family.

Ivan – 7

You never feel abandoned or lonely here, even on your bad or down days. Your opinion is valued and you are never left behind. The BRICKED system prepares us well for High School and life’s journey.

Amber – 7

The sport is very exciting because we play games to learn important skills, for example balance, speed, strength and team work. We have a kind and amusing coach who keeps on motivating us.  The academics are high and you learn a lot in every subject. There is never a dull moment. Summerhill is a “must-go-to” school!

Caila-Ann - 6

I love SPS because my teachers are always ecsitid when we wirck.  It is always clean.

Lesaya – 2

I love Summerhill because it is fun and full of kind people. The teachers are very kind and are like our Mums.  Summerhill is like home to me and M’am Coco is like the “man of the house!”

Tiyani - 6

I like SPS because I get to do maths and play in the river. The leaders love us.

Emma – 2

SPS is loving and caring and kind. People share and help you. Our sport’s coach is cool and funny. Our headmaster is kind and loving but don’t mess with her! Mrs Siviter is the kindest of the whole lot.

Josua - 6

I like it that there are no bullies in this school and there is an Adventure Club. The 4 x4 is the best and I like my homework.

Akani – 2

I love coming to school every day knowing that I will have fun in my lessons and even more fun with my friends. I will be prepared for high school thanks to the Singapore Curriculum. The teachers and students are all supportive, when life gets you down, SPS will turn your FROWN upside DOWN. I love walking past the beautiful trees, catching that fresh summer breeze. Here I can be myself without judgement.

Jarrod – 7