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In the Preschool this Week

In the Preschool this week:


Theme for the week:  ‘EGGS!!!"


A Day in the Life of The Preschool

On arrival until 8.30 am the children enjoy free play- both in-and-outdoors. ( on the cycle track, jungle gym, swings, see-saw, sandpit, construction toys etc)

Our formal programme starts with daily devotion, brain Gym, weather chart, mental maths, theme discussions ( themes vary from ME to more scientific ones – STONES, DAY AND NIGHT, WHAT'S INSIDE? )

Time is set aside for creative activities, baking once a week, movement and music rings for all ages.

The Grade R's are enthusiastic in their learning of the alphabet the THRASS way and love the songs and RAP. The love doing homework , so far. . .
Singapore maths is a hands-on experience which they tackle head-on and are becoming confident in their use of numbers.

We always make time for science experiments- building volcanos and witnessing the eruptions, having an incubator and watching the eggs hatch and making time in our daily routine to nurturing and playing with the chicks, before they were taken to a farm to roam freely.

Exploring our natural heritage and environment is part of our school life with outings to various farms – macadamia, banana, citrus ( including visits to the pack houses), Sudwala Caves , Dinosaur park, Reptile Park, airport, bird watching at a well known bird hide, the Matumi Hiking trail etc
We have our own bird feeder in the playground and the children are encouraged to bring fruit for the birds.

Local services have been encouraged to visit us – and we got to take short drives in various modes of transport – taxi, quad bike, ambulance, fire engine, open vehicle, fire engine etc

We embrace our diverse culture by having a cultural week – playing 'african 'music, eating traditional food ( chicken feet, pap and sheba, melkkos, biltong, milk tarts, bobotie etc) and learning different traditions – gum boot dancing, kleilat, drumming etc

Towards the end of the year the Grade R class, gets to sleep in the KNP for one night, without their parents. We get to do star gazing, cooking our own supper, washing dishes . . .and all sleeping in one big tent.

To help the alphabet come alive in Grade R- we have an alphabet party every term- where we all get to dress up in one of the letters we have discussed that term and then have to bring a plate of eats starting with the same letter eg fairy brings fizzers.



This week's theme: Dangers inside the home.  Please send SAFE “dangerous’ items to school.




Summerhill Preschool is the greatest place in town for toddlers to relish the challenges of creating new friendships whilst learning the fundamentals.

Preschool is a vital time for young children to best gain essential cognitive foundations. We have the perfect facilities and the best teachers with the dedication and enthusiasm to allow our preschool children to have fun in a working environment whilst preparing them for a highly successful career at Summerhill Prep and beyond!