Golf Challenge


Words of Wisdom

  • The first man to reach the South Pole was Santa Claus.
  • The first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong. The 2nd man was Buzz Lightyear.
  • The first democratic President of SA was Paul Kruger.
  • The Prime Minister of the UK is Queen Elizabeth 3rd. 
  • The capital of Swaziland is Mbababwe.
  • What is a female donkey called?
    Oh my gosh – is there a female donkey? They all look male.
  • A baby duck is a ducklet.
  • A female ram is an eee-wee.
  • What important event is taking place in Russia at the moment?
  • Name 2 countries in South America
    Brazil and Peri-Peri.
  • What do you call a person who throws papers and rubbish on the ground?
    A tourist. 
  • One day, we went to the zoo with legs (Gr 1)
  • A female sheep is called a woman sheep (Gr1)
  • Megan says we must all vote for the DNA in the election (Gr2)
  • Italy is famous for pasta and peas (Gr1)
  • Milk comes from a cow’s bladder (Gr1 )
  • How would you transport 500 new cars from Japan to South Africa?
    I would put them on a fairy to take them to SA
  • How would you transport 50 head of cattle from Gauteng to Mpumalanga?
    I would walk them/take them in 50 cars/I would ride a horse and stay behind them and wipe the floor to make them go faster/by ship/I would climb on one and lead the others
  • How would you transport 25 German tourists from the airport?
    Make a big cart and put an animal and a dog to carry it
  • The first motor car in SA could be left outside and it wouldn’t run away. It was a rocket and took 13 years to get here. 
  • Why was Margaret Thatcher called the Iron Lady?
    Because she did the housework.





Cheryl Calmeyer

Good at:  Thinking out of the box

Random fact:  I love camping

Obsession:  Service

Wild about:  Anything where I can be creative

Team contribution:  Head, Art teacher Gr 4-7, FGASA teacher Gr 6&7

Happy when:  My boys are home







Coco Van Aardt

Good at:  Teaching Maths, listening, seeing the bigger picture

Random fact:  Collects Wilbur Smith books

Obsession:  Music (DJ), poetry

Wild about:  The environment, the bush, Maths, music

Team contribution:  Head of Senior Primary, Grade 7 class teacher, teaches Gr 4-7 Maths, Gr 7 History and Gr 7LO, Values

Happy when:  There's loud music, kids "get it!", jamming


 Merle Siviter 

Give it the best you've got!

 Remember to dot your i's and cross your t's
 Oh, what music does for me!
 Words, words, words!  A wealth of wisdom
 To God be the glory!  Team contribution:  grade 6 teacher; Afrikaans and English Gr 6 & 7; Choir Conductor 

Humble yourself and you will be king



Good at: Team work, communication, teaching, coaching

Reading sharpens the mind

Obsession: Happy children, musicals, singing

Wild about: Science, baking, teaching

Team contribution: Grade 5 teacher, Science Gr 4-7, English Gr 5, Geography Gr 5, Zulu Gr 4 & 5

Happy when: reading a good book, studying Science


Maretha Visser

Good at:  Being enthusiastic

Random fact:  Copes well with challenges

Obsession:  People with good values

Wild about:  Afrikaans poetry

Team contribution:  Grade 4 class teacher, teaches Gr4-5 Afrikaans, Gr 4 English, Gr 4 History, Gr 4-5 Geography, Gr 4 LO, Gr 4-7 Library, Gr 7 EMS

Happy when:  Running







G rateful to God for keeping me grounded

R elax after reality and responsibility

O pen for opportunities

owed with wonderful well-being

Team contribution:  Grade 2 teacher

H onest, helpful heart



Verona Wortman

God is my strength and hope

Realistically optimistic

Oh so calm!

Wonderful world of teaching

The call of the wild is alluring

Hovering over my charges 



Good at:

Random fact:


Wild about:

Team contribution:

Happy when:





Growing up in Zimbabwe was happy and sunny

And we liked it a lot, 'til Zim ran out of money

Reading was my mother's passion, and it became mine too.

Come visit my classroom, you'll see that it is true!

One day it was decided that it was time to go.

We packed our bags and headed south, across the Limpopo

Wondrous are the many gifts that came from Buffalo City.

A degree in education, and a man who thinks I'm pretty!

Teaching has its ups and downs, I cannot tell a lie,

There are some schools I've left behind, and left without a sigh.

Here I am in Hazyview, I hope no more to roam,

For I have all my heart desires, in this place I now call home.






Good at:  Singing

Random fact:  Children accidentally calls me 'Mom'

Obsession:  Music

Wild about:  Shopping and clothes

Team contribution:  Grade 000 Teacher, Grade 1, 2, & 3 Zulu Teacher

Happy when:  At home with my family



Anita Pillay

Good at:  Organising, artistic, helping

Random fact:  Love watching romantic movies  and eating

Obsession:  Children especially my two sons

Wild about:  Fast cars and good food

Team contribution:  Administrator

Happy when:  I'm at home with my family





Good at:  "Everything"

Random fact:  I love animals

Obsession:  The fruits of the Spirit

Wild about:  My cats

Team contribution:  Finance

Happy when:  I'm spending quality time with friends and family




Good at:  Giggling

Random fact:  I love meerkats

Obsession:  God's love

Wild about:  John Dory's prawns

Team contribution:  Teach Bible.  Teach Life

Happy when:  I'm with my family



And the Support Staff, without whom we would be nothing!

Edward Ngomane (who is also an able soccer coach)
Lloyd Mohlala



Octavia Maphanga
Increase Ngomane