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Senior School Heads Love Summerhill

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From Mr Greg Theron, (formerly) Head, Penryn College
“We find Summerhill pupils to be pleasant, hard-working and enthusiastic and they achieve a great deal when they get to Penryn. Academically they are well-prepared and they are always able to cope with the rigours of College life.

With this combination of attributes, they do well at Penryn and fill a disproportionately large percentage of leadership and achievement positions.”



From Mr Austin Clarke, Head, Uplands College

“One is immediately struck by how confident Summerhill pupils are and relaxed in the company of adults. They are able to converse and make meaningful contributions.

The Summerhill pupils integrate well with their peers, have a sound work ethic and make a meaningful contribution to the college.

Admission / Fees


Administration fee: R200.00 - non-refundable (once off)

Entrance fee: 


R5 400.00 – non-refundable entrance fee. (Grade R – 7) (once off)

Capital Development Levy:

R500.00 - annually per child

Pre-primary tuition fees:




Grade 000 – R1 300.00 per month (R14 300.00 p.a.)
(11 months)

Child must be 3yrs turning 4yrs. (No entrance fee required)

Grade 00 – R1 740.00 per month (11 months)
(R19 140.00 p.a) 

Child must be 4yrs turning 5yrs. (No entrance fee required)

Grade R – R2 830.00 per month (11 months)
(R31 130.00 p.a)

Child must be 5yrs turning 6yrs.
Prep school
tuition fees:
R3 920.00 per month (11 months)(R43 120.00 p.a.).
(Grade 1 – 7).  

This amount includes exercise books and some art material.

Incidental transport cost:

Transport cost is for transporting children to and from sporting events, camps,
eisteddfod, outings, etc.

R600.00 per annum per child. (For Grade 1 to 7)
R200.00 per annum per child. (For Grade 00 to R)
R150.00 per annum per child. (For Grade 000)

Banking details:
Standard Bank Hazyview
Standard Bank Admin
Acc: 330303368
Ref: ‘your school account number’/2015


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